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The Heart of the Matter
The Heart of the Matter is a small but perfectly formed change consultancy and coaching practice specialising in encouraging deep, sustainable change in individuals and teams.

It was founded and is run by its Director Helen Mundy. Here's what Helen has to say about who we are...

'The Heart of the Matter is the latest incarnation of an evolving change practice which I started over 7 years ago. In that time I and my colleagues have coached countless individuals and teams in private and public sector organisations. We understand change and how to facilitate it in a holistic way and we bring that wealth of expertise to focus on the change challenges of a few clients at a time. We believe in delivering work with you that is of quality, depth and sustainability. We believe it is a privilege to work with you in this way... and we look forward to working with you and your unique set of needs.'

Read more about Helen here and her personal philosophy here

Helen works with colleagues from sister companies across the UK to bring a team to work with you that is truly fit for purpose.
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