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The Heart of the Matter
'My philosophy is that to live a whole life fully, demands of us to pay attention regularly to what is  at the heart of the matter for us... and to pay attention to that at least as much as we do to the surface manifestation of our actions and behaviours.

How we are in the world is a direct result of how we think... and of what we pay attention and give energy to.

My experience is that if I am prepared to make space for my attention to go inwards and to understand my thinking, my outward experience of the world raises in quality, brightness, richness and life. And I've seen that be true for countless individuals who I have worked with and enjoyed life with.

I treat my life as an active research project into myself and it is this philosophy that I bring to my work and this company. I've lived it the whole of my life... and through my choice of work over the past 7 years that living of it has increased for me and those I interact with. I want to share this enriching experience with you.'

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